Welcome to the Fiorenza Study Abroad Program in Florence

The Centro Fiorenza Study Abroad Program, which is successfully in operation since 1982 as a world-known Institute of Italian Language and Culture ( http://www.centrofiorenza.com/school.asp ) is located in the heart of Florence, the cradle of Renaissance !

Our program is formed by a team of experienced study abroad people who have set up a new program geared to meeting the needs of American students.

It offers visiting students from American universities a unique opportunity to study in Tuscany, Italy’s most dynamic cultural area. This region represents the  birthplace of the Renaissance and of many famous Italian artists and writers.

Its distinguished heritage and present-day cultural vitality make Tuscany an ideal place for American college students to come into direct contact with Italian life and culture, both past and present.


Students can choose to share apartments located in the center of Florence. All apartments are fully furnished, with equipped kitchens, bedrooms and communal living spaces.

Students can also choose to stay in Italian families who provide good breakfasts and dinners, safe living conditions, and maid service. These living arrangements are conducive to learning Italian and to better understanding Italian culture and lifestyle. During the academic year, since the majority of the students usually travel during the three day weekends, meals are served Monday through Thursday.


One-day excursions – The semester includes two one-day excursions to some specific destinations of Tuscany/Central Italy. The excursions will be operated by private bus at no cost for the students. The excursions will include transportation and all entrance fees to museums, castles, churches, etc.

Cultural social eventsIn order to favor the students’ interaction with the local culture, the Fiorenza Program will organize at least once a week, events such as film screenings, mountain excursions, lectures with qualified guest lectures, sporting events (such as participating with local volleyball, basketball and soccer teams), special get-togethers or picnics, cooking courses (fee to be paid), visits to local food processing factories, theatre shows (optional-tickets to be paid by the students), local music.