Who We Are

The ideal that motivates the Centro Fiorenza Study Abroad Program is is the integration of the academic curriculum with a first hand experience of Italy.

Exposure to the various layers of history, politics and the cultural styles of diverse peoples will enlarge students’ appreciation of the complexity of the political, economic and social issues that currently polarize Italy, Europe and our world in general.

Our Faculty members, both Italian and from a number of other different countries, mostly holding terminal degrees in their respective disciplines and with an extensive experience in study-abroad teaching, seek to provide a quality university education that seriously challenges students academically. With an offer of over twenty different courses across several different disciplines, we seek to refine the quality of students’ thinking relative to the analysis, synthesis and interpretation of arguments and texts.


As Americans abroad, students will be called to be ambassadors of their own country by representing its best traditions and values. Centro Fiorenza will be proud that students will accept this important responsibility, and our staff and faculty will be prepared to help them in their efforts.

Centro Fiorenza will continue its vocation as Institute of Italian language and culture, promoting the effective interaction between Italian and American students through a number of social events, film screenings, food and pizza nights as well as theatre and music performances, thus increasing the exchange of cultures and ideas and offering a wider perspective to our American study abroad students.

In addition, Centro Fiorenza is already aiming to establish close partnerships and collaboration with a number of local and national private and public education and research institutions in Florence, such as:

The objectives of such partnership are for the purpose of cultural exchanges, on-site visits and guest lectures in particular, so to further enrich the academic and personal knowledge of all students.

Furthermore, one of the most rewarding experiences for any university student studying abroad is the opportunity to integrate into their classroom learning with real world experience in a multicultural setting. Internships are one of the many conduits, and will soon be available through Fiorenza. Students must apply after arrival in Florence. Internships are only available for students who have studied at Fiorenza at least one semester or bring exceptional skills and qualifications with fluency in Italian. Note: Internships do not receive credit nor provide financial compensation; Internships must not conflict with the normal Fiorenza classes. Students wishing to obtain credit for internships must consult their home institution.

Fiorenza is also mediating with a number of non-profit religious and secular organizations so to offer to the American students volunteer opportunities in Florence.